The flawless functioning of your camera system is close to our heart, which is why we remain at your side long after the purchase.


Evaluation before purchase

With our evaluation service you can secure your purchase decision with concrete tests.



  • Test shots to find the right equipment
  • You profit from professional, evaluated recordings

Our high-speed specialists pass on their expertise and experience during training so that you can derive maximum benefit from your system.

It is an all-day training program according to your wishes.


  • Photo and videographic basics, light guidance, camera operation
  • Recording conversion, possibilities and differences in triggering, image-synchronous data acquisition through to archiving

The training is held in German, French or English and consists of a practical and a theoretical part. The number of participants is limited to four.


Regular maintenance of your system increases its service life and improves its functionality. We recommend annual maintenance.

The approximately two-hour system maintenance includes:

  •     general inspection and cleaning
  •     an update of the firmware and software as well as the evaluation of the overall system



Camera systems which are exposed to adverse environmental conditions, extreme temperatures or strong vibrations should be calibrated from time to time to ensure a reliable and safe result.


  •     General inspection and cleaning
  •     Checking and calibrating the frame rate and shutter speeds
  •     Environmental, long-term and vibration tests
  •     Certificate from the manufacturer or a certified company with the measurement data




Even if your camera is defective, we are your contact partner. We will send your system to the manufacturer or a company certified by the manufacturer for professional repair. Before the repair you will receive a cost proposal on the basis of which you can decide for or against a repair.


Your contact person for questions.

I would like to offer my time to you.

Adrian Muff
Consultant High-Speed Imaging
+41 (0)44 855 51 50

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