Fastec TS5

Fastec TS5 - Handheld High Speed Camera

Whether in a production facility, research lab or sports field, Fastec's TS Series High-Speed handheld cameras bring the power of complete high-speed camera systems to the palm of your hand.

The TS Series offers very good standard features and allows you to enhance the camera with optional features.

With the internal battery you can film up to 4 hours and control your processes. The integrated web interface even allows you to control the camera with a tablet, smartphone or PC. This opens up completely new possibilities for you.

The 7 inch display on the back of the camera gives you precise control and playback of the recording.

The Fastec TS5 Highspeed camera is equipped with a 5 megapixel 12-bit sensor. This ensures detailed and true color images. In addition, there is plenty of scope for post-processing. Due to the high light sensitivity of the sensor, even shots with a little less light are possible.

Fastec offers a total of four versions of the TS5, which differ only in the maximum resolution.


Mount C-Mount
Sensor size 4/3 inch
Max. image resolution 2560 x 2048 pixels
Frame rate 253 fps
Max. frame rate 29`090 fps at 64 x 32 pixels
Memory 4 GB
Recording time 1594 images
Sensorpixel 14.00 x 14.00 µm
Speed at HD 1316 fps
Speed at 512 x 512 pixels 3000 fps
Shutter speed 1 µs
Input Sync-in, Trigger-in
Output Sync-Out
Image memory SSD
Weight 1.8 KG
Size 228 x 114 x 89mm  (W x H x L)
Kartenslot SD cards up to 32 GB
Opt. accessories
Additional memory 256 GB / 512 GB / 1 TB / 2 TB



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