Projector FP-Z5000

Ultra-short distance projection with the FUJIFILM Z Projector

The FUJIFILM FP-Z5000 is a new innovative FUJIFILM product. Many innovative improvements compared to conventional projectors offer you a wide range of application possibilities.

According to FUJIFILM, the rotating lens is a world first. It allows you to project in all directions without switching the unit. In addition, you can switch between horizontal and vertical projection and between ceiling, floor and wall projection at any time.

With this projector you are able to project a 100 inch image (16:9: 221cm x 125cm) from a minimum distance of 75cm. It is possible to project an image diagonal of up to 300 inches from short distances. In the 16:9 ratio this would be an image with the dimensions of 664cm x 374cm.This ultra-short distance is ideal for space-saving use on narrow exhibition areas.

The space-saving and flexible use also includes the feature that the projector can be installed vertically and horizontally. During transport, the lens unit can be folded against the housing.

You can get the projector in black and white.

The projector is best used in museums, exhibitions and events. Learn more about the many advantages of this projector.


DLP Chip  
Size: 0.65" (aspect ratio 16:9)
Display method: DLP mit 1 Chip
Number of pixels:  2,073,600 pixels(1920×1080)
Type: Folded two-axial rotatable lens
Shift: Electrical:  V±82% H±35%
Zoom: Electrical:  x1.0~x1.1
Focus: Electric
Throw ratio: (TR value*1) 0.34 to 0.37
Focal length: f=5.0mm(Wide) - 5.5mm(Tele)
F No.: F2.4 (Wide) - F2.49 (Tele)
Light source: Laser diode
Brightness: 5,000lm
Contrast ratio: 12,000:1
Projected image size: 70 - 300 inches diagonal
HDMI: 3 terminals
RJ-45: 1 terminal
USB(DC5V output): 1 terminal TypeA
Operating temperature: 0 - 40℃(without condensation)
Storage temperature: -10 to 50℃(without condensation)
Maximum power consumption: 700W
Power consumption (on standby): 0.5W
Dimensions: 470mm (W) x 375mm (D) x 108mm (H) (when the lens is folded in, excluding protrusions)
Weight: Approx.12 kg

Remote control, 2 AAA batteries, lens cap, HDMI cable (1.8m), power supply cable (3.0m) 2 vertical installation stands,basic manual



Possible fields of application due to ultra-short distance projection:

  •     Events
  •     museums
  •     exhibitions

Comparison between ultra short distance / wide angle effect and conventional projectors:

Check out the Z5000 projection simulator:


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