Basler pylon Camera Software Suite

With the Pylon Camera Software Suite, Basler offers a mature, flexible software package with which Basler cameras can be quickly and easily put into operation with all their functions.

Highlights of the Pylon Camera Software Suite:

  • Compatibility with the operating systems Windows, Linux (also for ARM-based platforms) or Apple OSX
  • Unified API (supports CoaXPress 2.0, GigEVision, USB3 Vision, IEEE 1394 and Camera Link)
  • Access to all camera features through GenICam technology
  • Integrated drivers and tools
  • User-friendly SDK (Software Development Kit) for developing your own camera applications
  • Extensive documentation with programming examples in all common programming languages (C, C++, C#, VB.Net etc.)
  • Basler cameras can also be commissioned with third-party software libraries (3rd party software) that support the GEN TL standard, such as EVT, MathWorks MATLAB, MVTec HALCON, LABView National Instrument, etc.
  • Intuitive GUI
  • Operation of multiple cameras
  • Stable, reliable and error-free image transfer as well as low CPU load thanks to high-performance kernel drivers such as the unique Basler GigE Vision Performance Driver
  • Investment security due to almost 100% compatibility with all pylon versions



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