Since 1947, FUJIFILM has been developing and producing high-quality binoculars that have become indispensable tools for professional users worldwide. Thanks to innovative technology and design, FUJINON binoculars are the standard equipment for naval, ground and air forces as well as police, research institutes, security companies and industrial customers. FUJINON binoculars are also in demand around the globe for missions in remote desert mountains or in space.

General Catalogue: en_fujinon_catalog_ww.pdf (6.11 MB)

FMT Series


  • Innovative design with built-in image field flattener for unsurpassed image sharpness
  • Patented Fujinon Electron Beam Coating (EBC) for maximum light transmission (>90%) and long lifetime 
  • 7x50 FMTRC-SX2 incl. damped precision compass with 1° divisions
  • Robust, rubberized aluminium housing
  • Large eye relief for comfortable, prolonged vision
  • Weather resistant and shockproof body
  • Excellent resolution, up to 16x magnification
  • Equipped with case, lens caps and carrying strap

 Datasheet FMT series.pdf (1.06 MB)

WP Series


  • Precision compass with integrated illumination: 360° compass rose and 1° scale
  • 50 mm lenses for maximum light output 
  • incl. fixed lens covers for the eyepieces and the lens as well as floating neck strap in bright signal colours 
  • 18 mm eye distance therefore also suitable for spectacle wearers
  • extremely light polycarbonate housing which does not sink even without a floating shoulder strap

 Datasheet_WP_series.pdf (854.26 KB)

KF Series
  • Professional roof prism binoculars 
  • Nitrogen filling prevents from fogging inside and the formation of condensation water
  • Handy and robust due to high-quality, shock-resistant aluminium housing 
  • Multicoating protects the lenses from external influences and facilitates cleaning
  • Precise central focusing to focus details with one finger movement (except KF7x28H)
  • Rubber armouring can be held well even in heat, cold or rain
  • High-quality technologies and phase-coated prisms for brilliant and sharp images

 Datasheet_KF_series.pdf (999.46 KB)

LB Series
  • Contrast-optimized tubes and high-quality workmanship 
  • Housing completely waterproof and corrosion resistant
  • Up to 40x magnification for high resolution at long distances
  • Binoculars of the ED versions are equipped with a 45° eyepiece.
  • Optional bracket and tripod available
  • Binocular precision optics for a spatial image impression
  • Excellent visibility at dusk and at night
  • Maximum image brightness due to 150 mm aperture opening and electron beam coated optics

 Datasheet_LB_series.pdf (1.56 MB)

Techno-Stabi™ Series


  • Central focusing for fast, sharp images
  • Optoelectronic image stabilization with excellent vibration damping
  • Powerful lenses, multi-sealed optics and phase-coated prisms for highest image quality
  • 14x magnification 
  • Large light-efficient, multi-coated optics ensure good visibility even in low light conditions

 Datasheet Techno-Strabi_Strabiscope.pdf (1.32 MB)

Stabiscope™ Series
  • Gyroscopic image stabilization with unsurpassed vibration damping on moving vehicles and helicopters
  • Maximum stabilization range of ±5° in all directions
  • Multi-sealed optics for a sharp, high-resolution image 
  • Extremely resistant to shocks and scratches
  • Low power consumption either via batteries or external DC regulator
  • Available with optional image intensifier

 Datasheet_Techno-Strabi_Strabiscope.pdf (1.32 MB)


Day/Night series


  • Replaceable day and night eyepieces
  • Powerful image intensifier tubes from Photonis
  • For 24 hours applications on land and at sea
  • Police and security sector
  • Marine and professional shipping
  • Long range observation
  • Border control and coast guard

 Datasheet_daynight.pdf (681.72 KB)


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