13 Aug 2019
Machine Vision
FUJINON Anti-Schock Lenses

Particularly in industrial image processing, harsh conditions often prevail. Camera systems must be able to withstand shocks, vibrations and rapid accelerations in particular, for example in robotics applications. At the same time, however, a high-quality and high-resolution image should also be taken.

Until some time ago, this was a contradiction in terms. It was hardly possible to create high-resolution images under vibrations or shocks. Today, however, this is possible with special lenses and most FUJINON lens series are now available as shock and vibration resistant models.

22 Jul 2019
FUJINON SX800 | The Unique Long Range Surveillance System

FUJIFILM dares to enter the surveillance camera market with its first own surveillance system. This new camera system sets new standards in many respects and enables you to take completely new approaches in surveillance.

Learn more about all the features and watch a sample video!

3 Jun 2019
Machine Vision
Soon available: The Basler ace 2!

In 2019 Basler launches the second generation of the Basler ace: The ace 2. The new generation has some unique features like Compression Beyond, Pixel Beyond and PGI. In addition, the hardware design has been optimized and the latest CMOS sensors have been installed. Find out about all the new features now. 

8 May 2019
New Products
FUJIFILM introduces the Zoom Cinema lenses of the "Premista" series

It'll be available soon: The Premista 28-100mmT2.9.

The Premista 28-100mmT2.9 is a standard zoom lens with a focal length of 28-100mm. It achieves stunning optical quality from the center to the corners and eliminates unwanted reflections and ghosts.

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