Soon available: The Basler ace 2!

3 Jun 2019

Soon available: The Basler ace 2!

In 2019 Basler will launch the second generation of the Basler ace: The ace 2. The new generation has some unique features such as Compression Beyond, Pixel Beyond and PGI. In addition, the hardware design has been optimized and the latest CMOS sensors have been installed. This reduces the overall amount of data while improving image quality and frame rates. The new ace 2 series initially consist of four models each of the ace 2 Basic and ace 2 Pro lines. All cameras feature the Sony IMX392 sensor with 2.3 megapixel resolution and deliver up to 160 frames per second.


ace 2 Basic

The new ace 2 Basic models are ideal for standard vision tasks. They are cost-effective, reliable and have all the necessary functionalities. All four models are equipped with the Sony IMX392 sensor and thus offer 2.3 megapixels of resolution. With the GigE version, you then achieve 51 fps, while with the version with USB 3.0 interface, up to 160 fps are possible. Here you only pay for what you really need.

Advantages of the ace 2 Basic:

  • Optimized hardware design: Status LED on rear panel, M8 connector, removable IR cut filter
  • Computer Vision Feature Set
  • Fast and cost-effective integration



ace 2 Pro

In addition to the features of the ace 2 Basic, the models of the ace 2 Pro also have some other powerful features. They offer two further unique features with the PGI Feature Set Compression beyond and Pixel Beyond. Basler has even applied for a patent for these.

What is Compression Beyond?

Compression Beyond compresses the image data directly in the FPGA of the camera. This happens in real time and without any loss in image quality. So this gives you more bandwidth, which in turn enables higher frame rates. This is particularly noticeable with GigE. Depending on the image content, a two to three times higher rate is possible, resulting in a frame rate of 170 fps. If a higher frame rate is not so important to you, you can use this feature to store the image data in compressed form and full resolution and at the same time use less storage capacity. This results in savings on storage costs.

What is Pixel Beyond?

Pixel Beyond uses an interpolation method developed by Basler to change the size of the pixels. In principle, this method is similar to the usual binning functions. You can use it to influence various sensor features. Among other things, you can adjust the resolution to your requirements and reduce unneeded amounts of data at the same time.

Pixel Beyond can also be used to simulate other sensor models (in simplified terms). This allows you to individually simulate the characteristics of discontinued sensor models. In this way, you can easily perform redesigns without having to reconfigure the entire vision system.

Advantages of the ace 2 Pro:

  • All features of the Basic Version
  • Pixel Beyond and Compression Beyond
  • Up to 170 FPS

Availability of the new ace 2 series

According to Basler, the first samples of the Basler ace 2 Basic will be available from July/August 2019. Production of all eight models of both series is scheduled to start in the fourth quarter of 2019. The four models in each series differ only in the interface used and in mono and color.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Feel free to visit Basler directly.



Camera model: a2A1920

Sensor: Sony IMX392

Resolution: 2,3 Megapixel

Frame rate: 51 fps - 170 fps



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