1 Jul 2020
Chromos AG and FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG merge

There is another important milestone in the now 74-year history of Chromos AG: Chromos AG and FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG, which have been part of our group of companies for many years, are merging to form Chromos Group AG on 1 July 2020. Technological changes and economic challenges require ever greater flexibility in order to develop efficient and future-proof solutions as a bridge builder in the triangle with customers and suppliers.

7 Apr 2020
Cobots von Universal Robots in der Schweiz

Monatelang haben wir auf diesen Tag hingearbeitet und ab dem 01.04. war es dann so weit! Wir können Ihnen einen Meilenstein der Automatisierung präsentieren: kollaborierende Roboter (Cobots).


2 Apr 2020
Avigan: Fujifilm starts phase 3 clinical trial

We are proud that FUJIFILM can make a contribution to the fight against the corona virus.

FUJIFILM is in the third phase of clinical trials with the drug Avigan. These tests are designed to verify how safe and effective the antiviral drug, also known as favipiravir, really is. The clinical trials are being conducted in Japan on Covid-19 patients.

19 Mar 2020
Betriebssituation unter dem Einfluss von COVID-19 (Corona-Virus)

Nous souhaitons par la présente vous informer de l'état d'avancement de nos mesures visant à réduire la propagation du virus Corona et à assurer la sécurité de nos employés, clients, fournisseurs et partenaires et de leurs familles.

13 Aug 2019
Machine Vision
FUJINON Anti-Schock Lenses

Particularly in industrial image processing, harsh conditions often prevail. Camera systems must be able to withstand shocks, vibrations and rapid accelerations in particular, for example in robotics applications. At the same time, however, a high-quality and high-resolution image should also be taken.

Until some time ago, this was a contradiction in terms. It was hardly possible to create high-resolution images under vibrations or shocks. Today, however, this is possible with special lenses and most FUJINON lens series are now available as shock and vibration resistant models.

22 Jul 2019
FUJINON SX800 | The Unique Long Range Surveillance System

FUJIFILM dares to enter the surveillance camera market with its first own surveillance system. This new camera system sets new standards in many respects and enables you to take completely new approaches in surveillance.

Learn more about all the features and watch a sample video!

3 Jun 2019
Machine Vision
Soon available: The Basler ace 2!

In 2019 Basler launches the second generation of the Basler ace: The ace 2. The new generation has some unique features like Compression Beyond, Pixel Beyond and PGI. In addition, the hardware design has been optimized and the latest CMOS sensors have been installed. Find out about all the new features now. 

8 May 2019
New Products
FUJIFILM introduces the Zoom Cinema lenses of the "Premista" series

It'll be available soon: The Premista 28-100mmT2.9.

The Premista 28-100mmT2.9 is a standard zoom lens with a focal length of 28-100mm. It achieves stunning optical quality from the center to the corners and eliminates unwanted reflections and ghosts.

28 Sep 2018
New Products
FUJIFILM lance, en première mondiale, un projecteur professionnel avec optique rotative pour la projection d'images multidirectionnelle


Le projecteur FUJIFILM est innovant et unique grâce à une optique FUJINON biaxiale rotative qui permet des projections dans différentes directions sans déplacer l'unité principale. Le projecteur peut facilement basculer entre l'affichage vertical et horizontal et projeter des images non seulement sur un mur ou un écran, mais aussi au plafond ou au sol. L'optique ultra-courte portée permet de projeter des images sur une largeur de 100'' (2,54 m) à une distance de seulement 75 cm. L'appareil peut être placé horizontalement ou verticalement selon l'environnement utilisateur.

29 Aug 2018
New Products
FUJINON UA46×9.5BERD – FUFIFILM présente un objectif de 4K Broadcast avec zoom 46x


FUJIFILM présente un zoom 46 X avec le plus fort agrandissement du monde avec un objectif portable pour la production vidéo 4K.


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