Thermoscale Film

Thermoscale from FUJIFILM is an innovative measuring foil for determining heat distribution and intensity.

Functionality of Thermoscale

The measuring foil is brought into direct contact with the heat source. Microcapsules are attached to the Thermoscale measuring foil, the developer layer melts under the effect of the heat and makes the microcapsule walls permeable, so that the developer penetrates the microcapsules and a coloured imprint image is created. The amount of color change depends on the temperature of the heat source and the contact time.

Thermoscale is available in two types covering a wide temperature range from 100 °C to 200 °C.


The evaluation is purely visual.


Order a free sample kit to test Thermoscale for your application.



Typical applications of Thermoscale

  • Analysis of heat distribution in pressure processes
    • Conductive adhesive compression bonding, heat sealing, lithium-ion batteries, solar cell plates
  • Analysis of heat distribution in laminating processes
    • Substrates, solar cell plates, protective film lamination
  •  rolling processes
    • Roller, calender roller, printing roller, printer roller
  • Analysis of heat distribution in drying ovens
    • Drying oven, kiln, vacuum film production, measurement of heat distribution on the surface of components


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