Prescale Film

Fujifilm Prescale is a unique measuring film for determining the distribution and intensity of pressure between two contacting, joining or colliding surfaces. The measured ranges are from 0.05 to 300MPa.

Product types of Prescale

Single layer type - medium pressure, high pressure, super high pressure (3 types) 

  • The single-layer film contains color-filled microcapsules and a developer on a film layer. Under a defined pressure load, the colour capsules burst open and discolour the film proportionally to the load.

Two-layer type - extremely low pressure, ultra low pressure, super low pressure, low pressure, medium pressure (5 types)

  • In the two-layer version, the first film layer carries a layer of microcapsules of different sizes, which also burst open under a corresponding surface pressure and release a liquid that reacts with the highly sensitive colour development layer of the second layer and produces a pressure-dependent red colour..


The evaluation is done by a visual evaluation or by the software FPD-8010E in connection with a compatible scanner.


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Typical applications

  • Cylinder head gasket
  • Housing seals
  • Press for sheet metal forming
  • standard bearing
  • Surface inspection of injection moulded parts  
  • Tightness test of bi-polar plates
  • laminating processes
  • sealing processes
  • blister machine
  • Airbag-Tests
  • Contact surfaces between wheel and rail
  • Measurement of bite force


To determine the pressure, its distribution and balance, prescale is placed between two touching surfaces. The polyester-based measuring film is coated with layers of microcapsules which react with a developer by applying force to the film, leaving a reddish pattern. The pattern provides information on the distribution and strength of the pressure applied to the surface, as the highest pressure corresponds to the most intense colouration.

The product portfolio consists of eight differently sensitive prescale pressure measurement films, which are divided into two types (single and double-layer) based on the technology used. A pressure range from 0.2Nmm-2 up to 300Nmm-2 is covered. The resolution is 0.125 mm for all film types.


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