Forge Guard

Forge Guard is a security technology developed by Fujifilm to combat counterfeiting and piracy.

Functionality of Forge Guard

The functionality of Forge Guard is based on full color images or texts or even unique serial or random numbers which are implemented in an individual label. The authenticity is checked by a special viewer which is held by the label. The verification can be carried out without restrictions, everywhere and by everyone, since neither technical abilities, language skills nor additional investments are necessary.

Security of Forge Guard

The Forge Guard label is produced in a factory in Japan using proprietary synthesized chemicals, proprietary process equipment and stringent controls. The large ribbon width, shading and high-resolution designs make counterfeiting virtually impossible. The hologram, on the other hand, which is widely used as an anti-counterfeiting tool, offers significantly less protection against plagiarism.

Combating parallel trade

Forge Guard can also be used to combat parallel imports and exports: The images and texts integrated into the label allow both colour and design variations, so that tracking - even of any serial numbers - of the individual products is possible.



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