Optical Filters

Often underestimated, industrial optical filters used in image processing systems can significantly improve quality, mechanically protect the lens and eliminate the influence of ambient light. Our range is perfectly adapted to the requirements of image processing and offers you a large selection of bandpass, longpass and short pass filters. Optical filters for UV or infrared illumination allow you to improve quality in ways never before achieved.

Standard bandpass filter

Ideal for monochrome LED lighting applications.

Narrow bandpass filter

Ideal for forensic and scientific applications.

Interference bandpass filter

Ultrasonic narrow band interference filter, ideal for laser applications.

Multi bandpass filter

Allow several narrow spectra to pass, one of them in the NIR range, for applications in the ITS range.

Longpass filter

Allow a wide spectrum of longer wavelength light to pass through.

Acrylic filters

Acrylic protective filters as an alternative for areas where glass is unsuitable, such as FDA applications.

Shortpass/ Near-IR Cut filters

Blocks longer visible (VIS) and near infrared (NIR) wavelengths.

Polarizing filters

To reduce reflections and increase contrast and color saturation.

Neutral density filters

To reduce light intensity without affecting colour and contrast.

Light balancing filters

To correct the colour temperature of white light sources such as Xenon.

Protective filters

To protect against dirt, dust, liquids etc. without impairing the image quality.

Filter Kits

Filter kits for a wide range of machine vision applications.


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