Ring Lights

machine vision ringleuchten

Robust ring lights for various image processing tasks.

Dome and dark field lighting

machine vision beleuchtung

Ideal for reflecting objects thanks to shadow-free, diffuse illumination.

Bar and Line Lights

Industrielle Bildverarbeitung Beleuchtung

For a wide range of applications as well as line lights designed for line scan cameras.

Axial Illumination

Industrielle Bildverarbeitung Beleuchtung

Axial illumination in spot versions for coupling into telecentric lenses as well as box versions for precise measurements.


Machine Vision Beleuchtung

For a large number of applications such as measurement tasks.


Machine Vision Beleuchtung

For applications that require a lot of light on a small area.

Special Illumination

Machine Vision Beleuchtung

For complex lighting tasks that cannot be carried out with standard lighting systems.


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