Machine Vision

Machine vision is a fast, accurate and economical method of monitoring, quality control and controlling production processes. We offer individual solutions from a wide range of products from leading manufacturers.

Industry Cameras

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A wide range of area scan cameras, board level cameras, line scan cameras and 3D cameras.

Intelligent Systems

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Cameras that already perform image processing in the camera itself.

Machine Vision Lenses

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Entocentric, telecentric lenses, as well as special lenses for various applications.


Industrielle Bildverarbeitung Beleuchtung

LED illumination and fiber optic illumination for your image processing system.

Optical Filters

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Our optical filters are ideal for optimizing your image processing system.

Camera accessories

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We offer a wide range of accessories for your image processing system.


Industrielle Bildverarbeitung Schutzgehäuse

Enclosures for the use of cameras and lasers in industrial environments.


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