Collaborating Robots

Cobots from Universal Robots

Collaborating robots (Cobots) are increasingly used for the automation of production in many companies. They enable even small and medium-sized companies to use robotics in automation. They are much more flexible and much cheaper than conventional industrial robots.

This is mainly due to their five important characteristics:

Easy programming

  • User-friendly and intuitive operation
  • Setup possible without programming experience
  • No costs for programmers

Quick setup

  • plug and play
  • Implementation within half a day
  • Unpacking, setting up and programming the first steps within one hour


  • 80% of all Cobots can be used without protective housing
  • repetitive, monotonous, dirty and dangerous activities are taken over
  • They prevent injuries caused by repeated stress on employees

Fastest payback time in the industry

  • Within one year most Cobot applications generate the costs
  • The average payback period is 195 days
  • Affordable even for small and medium-sized enterprises

Flexibler Einsatz in der Industrie

  • The Cobots are light, space-saving and flexible and can be used in various applications
  • Quick and easy changeover for the automation of many manual activities
  • The robot can easily reuse saved programs

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