Chromos AG and FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG merge

1 juil 2020

There is another important milestone in the now 74-year history of Chromos AG: Chromos AG and FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG, which have been part of our group of companies for many years, are merging to form Chromos Group AG on 1 July 2020. Technological changes and economic challenges require ever greater flexibility in order to develop efficient and future-proof solutions as a bridge builder in the triangle with customers and suppliers.

The merger of Chromos AG with FUJIFILM (Switzerland) AG, which has been part of the group since 1997, is the logical consequence of many years of very close cooperation with the aim of bundling forces and simplifying structures.  

CHROMOS Group AG is strengthening its foundation for a common and successful future and now unites the six strong sales divisions

- Printing

- Packing

- Industrial

- KELVA Web Cleaning


- Service


under one roof.

The large overall portfolio of global brands, technologies, services and consultancy remains unchanged, and is being developed into needs-oriented solutions with the usual high level of expertise. The contact persons will also remain reliably available as before and all contractual agreements will remain unchanged.

The reorientation of CHROMOS Group AG also includes the modernization of the entire corporate image. The website was completely revised



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